Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Wonder Series

The "Wonder series" are published and available! There are five books in all. They are interactive books designed to spark your child's imagination.

The first book in the series is titled:  "I Wonder"   This book will get your child wondering about the world around them. This book will also give you a peek into a day in life of a child's mind.

The next book is titled: "I Wonder...What could it be?"  This book is interactive. Each turn of the page will have your child excited to see what is on the next page!!

The third book is titled:  "I Wonder...Where does the wind go?"  This book will have you and your child wondering where the wind goes after it goes by.

The next book is titled:   "I Wonder... Why?"   This book is all about the most famous question in your child's vocabulary, WHY?

Last but not least,   " I Wonder... Who Can I Be?"  Remember dress up? Remember pretending to fly?  How about tying a towel around your neck and zooming around like a super hero!

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