Friday, April 24, 2015

New Titles in 2015

Titles coming in the summer of 2015, are as follows!

Gilbert and Tootie Make Soup: This book is a dedication to all of the children that I had the pleasure to care for so many years ago!. Most of the children are either teenagers or young adults now, ... WOW, time goes so fast.... My heart swells with pride when I think of you all. The memories that I had with you are precious.

Moms Stew:   What a great book for fussy eaters! This is a book that anyone can relate to! Nearly everyone knows or has a picky eater of their own! This book helps the care giver bring some humor to the table along with the nutritious food!

Winter Wonderland:  

Spring Wonderland:   

Autumn Wonderland:

All three of these books are an incredible read for you and your child. The books hold many traditions of seasons that most all of us share. Each book will walk you down memory lane as you recall your child hood with loved ones. Watch as your child settles in your arms to hear each book and  build your memories and traditions with your children! These books are simply beautiful! The realistic illustrations bring the beauty of the seasons to life!

Summer Wonderland will follow in 2016