Friday, April 24, 2015

New Titles in 2015

Titles coming in the summer of 2015, are as follows!

Gilbert and Tootie Make Soup: This book is a dedication to all of the children that I had the pleasure to care for so many years ago!. Most of the children are either teenagers or young adults now, ... WOW, time goes so fast.... My heart swells with pride when I think of you all. The memories that I had with you are precious.

Moms Stew:   What a great book for fussy eaters! This is a book that anyone can relate to! Nearly everyone knows or has a picky eater of their own! This book helps the care giver bring some humor to the table along with the nutritious food!

Winter Wonderland:  

Spring Wonderland:   

Autumn Wonderland:

All three of these books are an incredible read for you and your child. The books hold many traditions of seasons that most all of us share. Each book will walk you down memory lane as you recall your child hood with loved ones. Watch as your child settles in your arms to hear each book and  build your memories and traditions with your children! These books are simply beautiful! The realistic illustrations bring the beauty of the seasons to life!

Summer Wonderland will follow in 2016

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Moonbeam award winner "I Wonder... What Could It Be?"

I am so happy to announce that I Wonder...What Could It Be has won the Silver award in the picture book category for the Children s Moonbeams awards! This is hopefully the start to a long successful journey for not only the I Wonder...What Could It Be but the rest of the series as well. It makes me happy to know that there is validation in my work from such professionals. Thank you to all that have supported me, its been so wonderful to have you all in my corner. Thank you to my wonderful illustrator, Kim Siebold, she has created such a sweet feel to the book. Onward and upward from here!

Charlotte Babler

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Going Forward, Have No Regrets

You only live once. But! If you REALLY LIVE, once is all you need!

They grow too fast, slow it down and spend time reading to them!

As I move through this time in my life, I can't help thinking that I have missed out on opportunities that were given to me through out my younger years. I was so wrapped up in getting through the day and putting the kids to bed so that I could relax. I forgot to cherish the time with my children. I was guilty of falling into the  mundane world we all share. Get up, go to work, come home, go to bed and do it all over again the next day. The phrase, "I can't wait until the baby is old enough so I don't have to drag this diaper bag around any more" Or  " I can't wait until the kids are old enough to stay home by themselves at night with out the extra cost of a babysitter!" I was guilty of saying these terrible things! Now I would give anything to turn back the hands of time to have those precious days back. Impossible to do, I know. That is where the idea of my writing came from. Trying to get closer to my past, bringing myself home. I have found such joy in the creation of these books. My hope is to share these books with you and your children. My intention is to give you the gift of precious time with your child.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Wonder Series

The "Wonder series" are published and available! There are five books in all. They are interactive books designed to spark your child's imagination.

The first book in the series is titled:  "I Wonder"   This book will get your child wondering about the world around them. This book will also give you a peek into a day in life of a child's mind.

The next book is titled: "I Wonder...What could it be?"  This book is interactive. Each turn of the page will have your child excited to see what is on the next page!!

The third book is titled:  "I Wonder...Where does the wind go?"  This book will have you and your child wondering where the wind goes after it goes by.

The next book is titled:   "I Wonder... Why?"   This book is all about the most famous question in your child's vocabulary, WHY?

Last but not least,   " I Wonder... Who Can I Be?"  Remember dress up? Remember pretending to fly?  How about tying a towel around your neck and zooming around like a super hero!

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My Children, My World

As my three children grew older, I found myself at the end of my career in childcare. I left the life that I new and loved. I stumbled through my new life with a heaviness that I could not shake, leaving a hole in my heart where all of the children had lived before. I had a bad case of empty nest syndrome, not only for my own children, but all of the children that I had cared for throughout the years. I found myself needing to stay connected somehow, so I started writing. I decided to write about all of the wonderful memories that I had stored of that special time in my life. Each memory holds love, humor, and sweetness. All of my writing stems from the privilege of watching children grow and learn in their world... I enjoyed my time in never never land!